Can diabetics eat Watermelon? Must Read

Another food that gets ubiquitous in summers is Watermelon.
But can diabetics eat watermelon?
Can watermelon spikes blood sugar?

In this article, we would try to address above mentioned question and will also understand if this food offer any benefits to our body.

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Can diabetics eat watermelon?
Diabetics have to be careful about their diet.
Eating food with a large number of carbohydrate will result in rise in blood sugar levels which can cause a variety of complicated problems in the body.

Talking about watermelons, diabetics can easily incorporate this food into their diet. Matermelons are moderately carb food, 100 gms of watermelons contains around 8 grams of carbohydrates which is not too high.

But before you incorporate watermelon in your diet, consider the following points
a. Eat in moderate amount
b. Check your blood sugar after eating

As different body react to carbs differently, so make sure you test your blod sugar and see how much high it is going and then render insulin accordingly.

Watermelons apart from  being low in carbohydrate, they are also beneficial for your health. In the beow section, i have listed some of the benefits which i think, you may find  interesting

Benefits of Watermelon

1. High Fiber Content
This is specially helpful for Type 2 diabetics as fiber can help them loose weight.
In most of the case, people suffering from Type 2 diabetes also have weight issues; taking fiber rich diet can help them in heir quest of loosing weight.

Well, eating high fiber diet help us feel full and less hungry. You will feel satiated and will also be able to avoid eating temptation throughout the day.
This can help you to manage your diet and take a step towards loosing some weight.

High fiber foods are also helpful to keeo your digestive tract healthy. Eating these items make you less suseptible to digestive problems like diarhhea or  heavy stomach

2. Great Source of Lycopene
Lycopene is an enzyme which typically gives red color to any fruit/vegetable; you can also find lycopene in tomatoes or papayas.
Lycopene is important for diabetics specially due to its anti-oxidative property. Also, these enzyme is also beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Diabetics are prone to heart related illness.
Constant high blood sugar may not be problematic today, but it will surely gives way to heart related illness in the future.

Apart from maintaining healthy blood sugar, taking helpful enzymes like lycopene can help you to keep your body healthy

You can read about the benefit of lycopene in detail by clicking this link

3. Beneficial for Heart Health
Apart from lycopene, which offers variety of benefits, watermelon contains another important enzyme called “Citrulline”
This enzyme gets converted into “L-Arginine” which helps our blood vessels to relax and improves the blood flow, hence reducing the chances of stroke and heart attacks.

4. Improves Bood Flow
AS mentioned above, an enzyme named “Citrulline” help the blood vessels to relax and improves the blood flow; this property can be very important for diabetics as they are prone to neuropathy problem.

Being diabetic, you may be aware of the term “neuropathy” which is caused when blood flow gets interrupted in different body parts.
“Citrulline” can help diabetics patients in this regard. Their property of relaxing blood vessels can help improve the blood flow in the body and reducing the chance of getting affected by this painful problem

5. Sexual Health
Another long term complication of diabetes among men is “Erectile Dysfunction” in which men gradually loose their sexual power.
Lack of proper blood flow is the major reason for this issue.
The enzymes present in watermelon can ease the problem by relaxing blood vessels and improving the flow of blood in the sexual areas

6. Relives Muscle Pain
In a study, it was found that people who drank watermelon juice prior to workout had reduced their muscle soress as compared to the people who don’t.

However, it is not advisable for diabetics to have watermelon in the form of juice as in this way they may too too much of carbohydrates.
Diabetics should stick eating watermelon in raw form only.

7. Other Important Nutrients
There are other important nutrients which are present in watrmelon and are extremely beneficial for your body
a. Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant; Important for healthy immune system. Vitamin C also help to keep your skin and hair healthy.
b. Potassium: Good for blood pressure control
c. Vitamin A: important for healthy eye sight
d. Copper: Copper is important for to utilize iron in the body (Lack of copper can lead to anemia)

8. Keeps you hydrated
90% of watermelon is water.
This food can keep you hydrated, which is extremely useful during summers particularly when a person is traveling outside

To answer the question “can diabetics eat watermelon?”
Sure they can!!

So make sure to grap this important food from the local store and enjoy with your family

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