Can diabetics eat popcorn? Must Read

Popcorn is a snack that is loved by many. Whether you go to your nearest movie hall or plan a part with your friends, popcorn is one item which is indispensable for any gathering.

But is popcorn safe for diabetics?
Can diabetics eat popcorn?
Will it spike your blood sugar?

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Today in this article we will try to answer this question and will try to figure out if popcorn is healthy for diabetics or not.


No Doubt, popcorn is a healthy snack and is packed with essential nutrients which have the ability to nourish our body and keep it healthy.

But the problem in having popcorn is that they are moderately high in carbohydrates. According to one carb calculator app, 100 gms of plain popcorn contains around 78g of carbohydrate, which is enough to skyrocket blood sugar in diabetic patient.

Diabetics are the ones who fail to metabolize carbohydrates due to improper functioning of the pancreas. There are mainly two forms of diabetic that are prevalent:

a. Type 1 Diabetic: Here the pancreas gets destroyed completely by our immune system. Patients with Type 1 diabetic have no option but to take insulin.

b. Type 2 diabetic: Here the insulin is produced but is fail to get absorbed by the body cells. Type 2 diabetics can be on oral medication to survive

If you suffer from any form of diabetes, I will suggest you follow food that is low in carbohydrates. Taking low carb food help you to control your blood sugar and will also reduce your medication dosage.

Still, sometimes it gets very difficult to maintain that form of food abstinence and get bored with the low carb food. in order to overcome the boredom, one can take a break from this food regime and take food that is somewhat high in carbs.

In this regards, diabetic can take popcorn occasionally and in limited amounts. But they also have to take care of their insulin dosage and corn is high in carbohydrates.

So to answer the most asked question “can diabetics eat popcorn?”
Surely they can, but they have to watch for blood sugar spike.

Can diabetics eat popcorn

Though popcorn is high in carbs but incorporating it occasionally can be very beneficial for your body. In this section, I would like to mention some benefits offered by this food:

1. High in Fiber Content
Corn is high in fiber and this can help your body in following ways
a. Beneficial for digestive tract
b. Prevents constipation
c. Lower Cholesterol levels
d. Keeps you satiated so that you won’t feel hungry again and again

2. Rich in Anti-Oxidants
Anti-Oxidants protects your body from the harmful free radical and prevents it from complications like
a. Cancer
b. Slows down Ageing
c. Boost Immunity

3. Helps in Weight Loss
As I have said above that popcorns are high in fiber, which helps you feel satiated and prevents you from hunger pangs.
This is especially important for Type 2 diabetics which are mostly caused by the weight issues. If you feel that you are overweight, you should consider eating more fiber, this can help you to keep your stomach full and make you feel less hungry.

4. Low in calories
Popcorns are low in calories as compared to a packet of potato chips.
100 gms of potato chips contain 577 calories, while popcorn contains around 390 calories. Hence you can see that popcorn can be a better alternative to chips if you looking for weight loss.

5. Reduce Bad Cholesterol
The fiber has the property to reduce the cholesterol veles in your body. So incorporating popcorn means lower risk of heart problem which is endemic nowadays.

6. Prevents cancer
The antioxidants present in popcorn gave it the property to reduce cancer risk.
Cancer is one of the major health problem in the world, it not only affects the patient but the family involved also suffers emotionally and financially.
Though treatment of cancer has improved a lot but the procedure is still expensive.

7. Healthy for Bones

Popcorn contains manganese which helps to keep our bones strong and healthy.
People tend to get the bone-related problem in their old age.
I can relate to my grand mother who suffer from weak bones. She faces difficulty walking and her bone density is so weak that shehad undergone multiple fractures in the past.

So its better for us to eat right and healthy to prevent this kind of problem in the future.

8. Iron Content

This food has a good amount of iron content.
Iron is helpful to prevent the condition like anemia, in which your blood has less amount of Red Blood Cells which helps to transfer oxygen throughout the body.
Anemia is a serious disorder especially in tribal population in which you get fatigued easily. Incorporating corn can help to ward off this problem

9. Vitamin B
Corn has a slight amount of Vitamin B nutrient which is helpful to metabolize food and convert it into energy.
you can read about Vitamin B family in great detail by clicking this link

10. Good Snacks Alternative

Instead of eating confectionary items (like candies, chewing gums) which is full of artificial sweeteners or processed sugars, try incorporating popcorn as your snacks.
Confectionary items not only spoil your metabolism, it is also known to damage your teeth and is a major cause of plaque among children, so forcing a good habit in your children from the start can go a long way for their healthier future.


1. Over-eating
Even healthier food can tend to get dangerous if they are overeaten.
With popcorn, it is very easy to get into overindulgence, as you will tend to forget about portion control while watching a movie.

2. Branded Popcorns
The popcorn you buy from the market is more often than not uses hydrogenated vegetable oil. this vegetable oil contains trans fats which are bad for your cholesterol and increase your risk of getting heart disease, so make sure to make your own popcorn in the home.

3. Microwave Popcorn Bags
Most of the branded popcorn bags which are instant to eat are lined with harmful chemicals like PFOA which can cause issues like
a. Cancer
b. Thyroid Issues
c. Infertility

So i strongly recommend you to avoid this artificially flavored popcorn bags which does nothing well but spoil your health.


If you are diabetic, I would recommend you to stay away from popcorn as much as possible as they are high in carbs and can spike your blood sugar.
However, for once in a while, you can have a small portion of it while considering appropriate changes in your insulin/medication dosage.

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