Can diabetics eat grapes? Must Read

Grape is a fruit which is liked by everyone.
Its sweet taste and youthful color can give temptation to everybody.

But the question is “Can diabetics eat grapes?”
One of the main fear among diabetics is the carb content of grapes.

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In this article, we will try to figure out about the carb content of grapes and is it possible for diabetics to eat grapes.
Also, we will try to learn the different nutrient content of grapes and its usefulness to human body.

Can diabetics eat grapes?
Diabetics face difficulty in metabolizing carbohydrates. Taking carbohydrates can spike their blood sugar which in long-term can leads to irreversible complications in the future.

Talking about carb content of grapes; 100 grams of grapes contains around 17 grams of carbohydrates which is enough to spike your blood sugar out of proportion.
If we go by the advice of Dr Richard Bernstein, diabetics should limit their carb content to 12gms/meal, so according to him taking 100 gms of grapes at one time is not advisable.

Though the parameters of Dr Bernstein is too stringent and very difficult to follow, still you must try to follow his advise as close as possible.

So what should you do?
It’s better to eat a small portion of grapes at a time and compensate it with the insulin for the carbs you have taken.
But the problem with this method is that, once you start eating grapes, it gets very difficult not to overeat this delicious fruit.
So if you think you have limited self-control, I would advise you to completely shun this fruit from your diet list.

Benefits of Grapes
Though this fruit is considerably high in carbohydrates, it still has lots of benefits to offer. Grapes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals which help the body in many different ways;

1. Fiber Content 
Grapes contain considerable amount of fiber which is beneficial for the digestive system. If you face issues related to digestion, eating foods that are rich in fiber can be very helpful

2. Beneficial for Heart
Diabetic patients are prone to heart-related problems.
Constant high blood sugar can block the blood vessels and hampers the functioning of heart, this can lead to heart attack.
That’s why its important for diabetics to keep track of their blood sugar levels on daily basis and should constantly strive to achieve normal numbers.
Grapes contain certain enzymes which can be very beneficial for heart health;

a. Lowers Blood Pressure: It’s been found that the phytonutrients present in grapes helps in lowering blood pressure

b. Heart Health: Nutrient like resveratrol helps in maintaining healthy heart

c. Reduce Cholesterol: There are different types of cholesterol present in the body. Not every cholesterol if bad for your health, infact there are cholesterol known as “HDL” which is good for your health.
While other cholesterol like “LDL or Triglyceride”is harmful for your health and are major culprit for heart attack.

Grapes contain water soluble fiber named “Pectin” which is helpful for reducing bad cholesterol. This fiber binds the cholesterol in the gut and prevents it from entering the blood stream.
Pectin is also found in apples and other citrus fruits

Also, apart from pectin, grapes also contain enzyme named “pterostilbene”, which is also found to reduce bad cholesterol in the body

3. Strong Anti-Oxidant
Grapes are high in anti-oxidants which is helpful for the body in variety of ways

a. Reduce Cancer Risk
Cancer is caused when cells grow disproportionally in the body. One of the major reason for this growth is the genetic attack by harmful free radicals present in the body.

These free radicals are normally produced in small quantity during metabolism process. But there are times when these free radicals get present in large numbers due to reason like stress, illness or environmental pollution.
These elements start attacking the body cells and damage their genetic environment which ultimately results in the cancerous growth of cells.

Anti-oxidants are helpful to neutralize the damaging effects of these free radicals and protects us from cancer like situation.

b. Reduce Risk of Alzheimer
Free-Radicals are also responsible for damaging brain cells and reducing its cognitive ability. The anti-oxidants helps to neutralize this problem.
Most of the people are unaware of this memory related issues. the problem is that it is so less reported by the media that the majority of the population are not aware of this debilitating memory disease.

Alzheimer is one of the most common diseases among elderly and is also the leading contributor to causing death among the elderly population.
Also, diabetics are prone to the memory related problem in their old age as high blood sugar also slowly impacts the brain cells.

So one must be very careful of this issue and should eat suitable foods that can reduce the risk of getting memory-related disease

4. Vitamin C
Grapes are great source of Vitamin C, which tends to offer variety of health benefits

a. Improves Immunity

if you think that your body immune structure is weak and you tend to fall ill easily, then this fruit can be of great help
b. Good skin
Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen which is helpful for maintaining skin elasticity and delays aging.
Also, free-radicals are also responsible for damaging the skin structure and for the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. The oxidative effects of grapes can help to sort out this free radical issue.

One thing I would also like to point that there are people who use grapes for skin treatment in their home. They mesh the grapes and apply to their face for some time.
The antioxidants present in grapes help the skin to look youthful and wrinkle-free.

In fact, some of the cosmetic companies use grapes for their skin products

c. Promotes Hair Growth  
Vitamin C is also beneficial for maintaining hair quality and growth


5. Helpful for Asthma Patients
the anti-inflammatory property of grapes enzymes helps in reducing inflammation of lungs which is helpful for the person dealing with Asthma problem

6. Great Source of Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 plays important role in the body such as
a. Hemoglobin formation
b. Maintaining healthy nervous system
c. Getting energy from food
d. developing immune system’s antibodies

Grapes are excellent source of nutrient but they are also considerably high in carbs. Hence its very important for diabetics to limit the quantity of this fruit and take suitable insulin dose.

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