Can Diabetics Eat Chocolate?-Myth Busted!!

can diabetics eat chocolate
Who doesn’t like chocolate?
I have never met a single person who didn’t like chocolate.

This food offers an experience that cannot be described in words!!
It’s royal color and irresistible taste makes it a King of Food

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But the question is “is it healthy to eat chocolate”?
Can diabetics eat chocolate?

If yes, then what kind of chocolate should we eat?
In the market, chocolate is available in a variety of forms.
One of the most favorite and easily available in the retail store is milk chocolate. Then there are other forms also like White Chocolate, Beer chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and the list goes endless.
so what form of chocolate is best to eat and in what amount?

And the most important question is: can a diabetic eat chocolate?

There is a long believed notion that diabetics have to stay away from blood sugar.
So isn’t consuming chocolate is bad for heir health?

We will try to find the answer to all these above questions and will come up with the final conclusion in the end. So make sure to read the complete article.

Dark chocolates are good for health and don't raise your blood sugar

Can diabetic eat chocolate?
Sure, they do.
But they have to be particular about the type of chocolate they are having.

Dark chocolate is the best bet for all the diabetic patient as it contains less amount of carbs and contains ingredients which are good for their health.

Try to find the one that contains at least 70% or more cocoa.

But there is one problem.
They may not taste as sweet as the regular chocolate, the darker the chocolate gets the more bitter it taste.

Most of the people are used to the taste of sweet chocolate, so they find some difficulty to develop the taste for this bitter variation.
But let me tell you, once you start liking the dark chocolate, you will be mesmerized by its taste and will completely forget the other sugary variations.

Will it affect my blood sugar?

Dark chocolate may taste bitter but they are not completely sugar-free. They contain some amount of carbs which for every diabetic should consider before having it.

The blood sugar response after having dark chocolate may depend on person to person. For some diabetic it may not raise blood sugar at all while for others it may spike like anything.
Best thing is to test and test again.

One thing should also consider that these chocolates are high in fat content which may slow down the rate of absorption in our digestive tract. Due to the slow absorption rate, the carb may spike your blood sugar after 4-hour duration.
Hence be sure to check your blood sugar after 2nd and 4th hour of eating, this way you will get a proper analysis of sugar spike.
Read about the blood sugar that diabetic should target

Does it offer health benefits?

Yes, chocolates are good for your health. There is proven research which shows how cocoa is beneficial for your heart and brain.

chocolate health benefits

But the important point is, it’s the cocoa who offers the benefit.
Other variants of chocolate like milk chocolate or white chocolate have less amount of cocoa in it, so they are not as beneficial than dark chocolates.

They offer following benefits like:

a. Improving insulin resistance
This is especially helpful for Type 2 diabetics.
It’s been found that incorporating small amount dark chocolate daily will improve your insulin sensitivity and is also helpful to reduce fasting blood sugar.
Read about Type 2 diabetes in detail

b. Cut risk of heart failure

Chocolate has enzymes that reduce platelets clumping which blocks the blood vessel and cause a heart attack. Enzymes called Flavanols stimulates the blood to form Nitric Oxide that relaxes the blood vessel and improves blood flow.
Hence, it’s quite a helpful diet for a person struggling with high blood pressure and heart problems.

But as I have said earlier, these chocolates are also high in fat content, its wise to take the recommendation of doctor or nutritionist before including in your diet.

c. Reduce oxidative stress
Small atoms known as free radicals are formed in our body due to cell metabolism and external environment.
These atoms are highly reactive in nature and interfere with the DNA of our body impacting our body health in a bad way. Exposure to free radicals for a long term can lead to deadly health problems like cancer, early aging, and Alzheimer.

Dark chocolates are a good source of anti-oxidants.
The antioxidants react with the free radicals and neutralize them, hence protecting us from the deadly degenerative problems.

chocolate meme
d. Reduce Stress Problems
Stress is a direct byproduct of modern living and work ethics.
In the US alone, as high as 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high amount of stress level.

Stress is evil for your body health.
A large population suffers from depression, heart-related problem due to taking an enormous amount of stress.

I am glad revealing to you that dark chocolate can help you manage stress by regulating your stress hormones. So don’t forget to take some pieces of cocoa with you when you get out of your home. All you have to do is to pop a piece in your mouth and forget everything!!

e. Cholesterol Level
Apart from relaxing your blood vessels, this food may help you to reduce Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).
This characteristic will go a long way to prevent heart problems in the future

How many pieces should I eat per day?

I would say it totally depends on your blood sugar reaction.
As I have said earlier, they contain some amount of carbohydrate in them, so you have to ensure your blood sugar reaction with each square piece of chocolate.

Make sure to test your blood sugar spike after 2nd and 4th hour of eating. This will help you get an idea that how your body is reacting to this food.

Mind that even excess of even a healthy food may harm your health.
So limit yourself to one or two pieces of dark chocolate every day.

Sometime you may feel the urge of eating the complete bar.
There is nothing wrong with it, after all, we all are humans!!!

But I will suggest not having the complete pack all at once.
Divide the pack into small chunks and have it at different times of the day.
In this way, your sugar will not spike much and your body will get enough time to metabolize the small portions


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