Can a diabetic donate blood? Must Read..

Can a diabetic donate blood?
This is an important question for all the diabetics around the world as there are many people who are concerned about their society and look for ways for effective contributions.

Donating Blood can be a wonderful step which can be very helpful for the medical need of the society, but the problem lies in the question that is it possible for diabetics to donate some blood?

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Diabetics face problem in managing their blood sugar; their inability to maintain the disease can result in deadly complications in the future.
High blood sugar is something that causes damage to the organs and nerves of the body, rendering them ineffective in the long run.

Due to their high blood sugar, many diabetics are in dilemma that whether their high blood sugar causes any hindrance in the blood donation process.
Blood Donation by Diabetics
Let me tell you that the rules of blood donation by diabetics is different for different countries. Usually, countries have laws regarding blood donation where they state the rule of “diabetic blood donation.

Talking about India, one should consider following rules:
a. Insulin-dependent diabetics are not allowed to donate blood
There is the simple logic behind the rule; insulin-dependent diabetics are prone to hypoglycemic episode during blood donation, which can lead to an emergency like condition during the process.

b. Diabetics on oral medication should have maintained blood sugar ( around 6-6.5 HBA1C)

c. Should not have any heart complications and have normal blood pressure

d. Should not be anemic (low amount of red blood cells)

e. Should be above 18 years old

f. Also, patients with cardiac, kidney problems are forbidden to donate blood.
Can a diabetic donate blood

Now, there are countries where Type 1 diabetics can donate, but sadly such is not the case with India. Also, even if you are taking oral medication, I would strongly suggest discussing this idea with your doctor.

Other Important Points to consider before donation blood

1. International Travel

If you have recently visited any country, there is a possibility that you may not be allowed to donate blood  because of your risk of infection.

2. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
These items can cause frequent urination and loss of water before the donation process. It’s very important to stay hydrated during blood donation as you will be losing lots of water during the process.
Also caffeine act as iron inhibitor, it can hinder the process of forming new blood after blood donation.
Effect of alcohol on blood sugar, read the article by clicking here

3. Drink Plenty of water
Due to donation, you may get dehydrated.
This dehydration can result in drop in blood pressure, hence it’s important to stay hydrated before the donation process.

4. Eat iron-rich foods
This will help you to form lost blood due to donation.

the best thing any diabetic can do before blood donation is to ask their doctors about the rules and regulations of the respective countries.
Also, if you are already dealing with diabetic complications, I will suggest you to not donate blood for the benefit of you and the recipient.
If you fail to qualify for blood donation process, don’t get sad as there are various other ways to contribute to social benefit.

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