calcium and magnesium || Understanding the link

In this article. we will try to understand the link between calcium and magnesium.
Everybody knows how calcium is important for strong bones.

People all around the world are so obsessed with calcium that they are overdosing it from their diet.
They think that the more the calcium they take, stronger their bones will become.
This thinking is highly flawed as it can cause a lot of health troubles in the future.

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There is another mineral which plays an equally important role but is neglected by the society.
Yes, i am talking about magnesium.
Along with other benefits, magnesium plays an equally important role in your bone health.

In this article, i will try to focus more on magnesium.
we will try to understand its importance and how we can get sufficient sources from the natural foods.

In the end, i will also try to establish the link between calcium and magnesium and will try to understand the side-effects of calcium overdosing.


Importance of Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral which like other nutrients, needed by the body in order to perform essential functions.
It is necessary to raise awareness about this nutrients because all the limelight has already been stolen by other nutrients and it’s important to make people aware of its benefits.

The importance of magnesium promotion lies in the fact that due to this unawareness, around 30% of the American Population is deficient in this mineral.
I hope after reading this article, the perception of people will change and they will make efforts to incorporate magnesium-rich diet on a daily basis


1. Helps in energy production
The ability of the body to produce energy from the food depends on the functionality of mitochondria.
Mitochondria are the elements present inside the cells, they are also known as “powerhouse of the cells” because they are responsible for energy production.

The importance of magnesium lies in the fact that it helps in the formation and also improves the efficiency of mitochondria.
Let me explain it in a simplified manner.
If you are the runner or perform any strenuous activity, you need the good amount of energy.
This energy is produced by the mitochondria.
If the mitochondria are inefficient, enough energy will not be produced and you will get tired easily.

That’s why it is important for you to keep in mind the daily magnesium intake.
Getting magnesium deficient severely hampers your working efficiency, thus restricting your chance of getting successful.


2. Heart Health
Magnesium is also important for your heart functioning.
As i said above that magnesium is partly responsible for energy production. The energy is used in the functioning of the body, right from the movement of muscles to regulation of heartbeat.

Yes, you need energy for heart functioning.
And if there isn’t sufficient energy production, your heart will not function properly.

The importance of magnesium also lies in the fact that it acts as an electrolyte in the body.
Electrolyte helps in transfer of nerve signals from brain throughout the body.
Insufficient amount of electrolyte in the body results in poor transfer of nerve signals, which results in irregular heart beatings.

It has also been found that magnesium deficiency is associated with heart related ailments like hypertension and heart attack.
So make sure, you take care of your daily magnesium dose.

3. Blood Pressure

Foods with good magnesium content are also known to reduce blood pressure.
If you are dealing with hypertension, magnesium can help you to keep your blood pressure in control.


4. Diabetes
Magnesium improves insulin sensitivity of the body cells which is important to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is basically caused when the body cells get resistant to the insulin produced by the body.

The cells completely reject the insulin which results in the increase in blood sugar among the patients.
Type 2 diabetes is a major epidemic in the world and people are dying of the complications caused by the increase in blood sugar.

You can now sense the importance of magnesium by its capability to reduce Type 2 diabetes risk. Just try to eat right foods and your body will do fine.


5. Magnesium and Sleep
Can magnesium improve the sleep of any person?
Is there any scientific proof?
Are magnesium and sleep associated by any means?

For all the people suffering with sleep problems, there is a good news.
Magnesium has the capability to improve the sleep of the person.
Infact, it has been scientifically proved that there is a strong association between magnesium and sleep.

It has been found in a research that people with low magnesium levels tend to experience restless sleep and they wake up frequently during the whole night.

Magnesium has been found to improve the sleep quality and improves the production of sleep neurotransmitters. This mineral is also found to control the melatonin hormone which controls our sleep cycles.

If you are suffering from the sleep-related disorder, please improves the magnesium intake, I am sure this will help you to solve the problem.
I hope this article gave you a better understanding of the link between magnesium and sleep, and i hope you will appreciate the importance of magnesium in the long run.

The people suffering from sleep disorders can take their daily dose of magnesium from natural sources. But one can also rely on magnesium supplements for their problems.
Magnesium glycinate sleep supplement is one the most common supplements used for the sleep related disorders.

Some of the people self-medicate themselves when they understand the relationship between magnesium and sleep, but it is advisable to consult your doctor first as there are other complexities involved within the body.
Magnesium glycinate sleep supplements can be easily found in your local drug store or it can also be purchased through online stores.


6. Elevates Mood
Deficiency of magnesium results in serotonin levels.
This makes the person vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

You can understand now that the importance of magnesium is not only limited to magnesium and sleep, it also plays a key role in influencing your mood.
Again, you can take magnesium glycinate sleep supplements for your daily dose. This supplement is preferred as it gets readily absorbed within the body and does not cause any side-effects.


7. Act as an Electrolyte
Electrolyte basically acts as a medium for the transfer of the electrical signals.
You need to understand that our brain controls the body through electrical impulses and it needs a good medium for the transfer of signals to different parts of the body.

Tha magnesium, basically act as an electrolyte which helps in transfer of brain impulses.
Without the electrolyte medium, our brain will not function properly and different kind of problems will be raised inside the body system.


8. Bones Health
Along with calcium, magnesium too plays an important role in your bone health.
Infact, both works in synchronization and both calcium and magnesium are needed for strong bones

Calcium is a mineral which keeps your bone strong, while magnesium is responsible to keep the bones flexible.
If you eat too much of calcium and ignore the magnesium intake, the extra calcium will make bone hard and rigid. This extra strongness makes the bones brittle and easy to crack.

You need magnesium to keep the bones flexible.
That’s why it is important to keep a good balance between calcium and magnesium mineral, focussing only on one the nutrient can cause trouble.

The above relationship between magnesium and calcium is more complex than that.
Magnesium is a mineral which lies inside the body and is responsible to keep calcium outside the cells.
Now, if you take to much of calcium and don’t worry about the magnesium intake, the ratio gets disturbed and the extra calcium will enter the cells.
This can be huge trouble for the body.

The entrance of calcium inside leads to calcification of arteries, which disturbs your circulatory system and make you a suitable case for a heart attack.
Apart from the heart health, the disturbance of magnesium and calcium ratio also results in kidney stones, respiratory issues etc.

So be careful if you are taking too much of calcium from your diet.
And if you are taking it, then balance it properly by taking the suitable dose of magnesium food or magnesium glycinate sleep supplements.


9. Headaches
Magnesium is also used to get relive from migraine headaches.
Keep in mind that you don’t get involve in self-healing process, always consult the doctor first.

I hope you will appreciate the importance of magnesium in your body working. I am sure that learning about the magnesium and sleep link will help you make better decision about your daily way of living. Also, i am sure that the link between calcium and magnesium will also help you make informed choices about your daily nutrition.


Magnesium Deficiency
Keeping in mind the importance of magnesium, its important to keep in mind the daily dosage and understand the risk of getting Magnesium deficient.
In this section, we have tried to include the habits which tend to make the person magnesium deficient.

1.Drinking carbonated Beverages
Carbonates beverages contain phosphates, which binds the magnesium present inside the body and make it unavailable to the body.
If you in the habit of drinking too much of cold-drinks, there are chances that you can be magnesium deficient.
Also, keeping in mind the relationship between magnesium and sleep, there is a possibility that the magnesium deficiency caused by carbonated drinks are the cause of your sleep problems.

One another important thing regarding carbonated drink is that it is full of sugar.
Taking too much of sugar result in insulin resistance and development of Type 2 diabetes.

There is a growing concern among medical community regarding overconsumption of carbonated drinks. I have seen people who have made a habit of taking colas with their daily meals.
This trend of replacing water with colas is quite disturbing and is making people unhealthy.

2. Consume fast foods on daily basis
Fast foods are full of refined sugar and contain chemicals that are harmful to the body.
eating fast foods on a daily basis means that you are replacing it with the essential vegetables.

It is very important to consumer green vegetables that are filled up with essential nutrients. Ignoring these foods means increasing your risk of essential nutrient deficiency.

3. Drinking too much coffee/tea
Nutrients like magnesium or potassium are not stored in the body.
Their amount is controlled by the kidneys, so if your body gets too much of these minerals, the kidneys remove it through the urine.

Now drinking too much of these caffeinated drinks cause kidneys to urinate more. And the more you urinate, the more nutrients will be washed off from the body.

So every time you drink coffee, try to remember the link between calcium and magnesium discussed above, chances are that you may be disturbing the above balance.

4. Overconsuming Alcohol
Taking too much of alcohol has a similar effect as caffeine.
It also drives your kidneys to urinate more and take these essential nutrients out.

5. Stressful Life
As mentioned above, magnesium pays an important role in managing your mood.
The more stress you take, the more magnesium is required to balance the mood. This results in an increase in magnesium requirements which may not get fulfilled by the natural foods.

6. Signs of Magnesium Deficiency
a. Muscle Contractions
b. Mood Swings
c. Sleep Problems
d. Heart Palpitations

Keeping in mind the above points, try to gauge your risk of magnesium deficiency.
By analyzing how important magnesium is for the body, especially by understanding the link between calcium and magnesium and the relation between magnesium and sleep, it gets immensely important to cover your daily magnesium levels.

Final Word
I hope you liked the article and would appreciate the functions of magnesium.
in the next article, i will try to come up with the food sources of magnesium and other sources like magnesium glycinate sleep which can help you cover your daily magnesium dose.


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