Blood Sugar Test-Simple Steps to do at home

Every diabetic understand the relevance of the term “Blood Sugar”
Though a normal person may not grasp its importance, but for a diabetic patient, its a matter of life and death.

Before going on to describe the step by step tutorial to check sugar level, it’s better first to understand the whole picture for the benefit of newly diagnosed readers.

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What is blood sugar?

It is basically the amount of sugar/glucose present in our blood. In a non-diabetic person, the sugar in the blood get utilized by the body cells, but in diabetics, the blood sugar gets failed to absorb and remains in blood circulation.

Why it’s important to do blood sugar test?
Because the excessive amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood will harm your body and will cause irrevocable damage. Diabetes is notorious for causing damaging complication which severely affects the quality of life.

After getting diagnosed with diabetes, most of the people don’t care about their blood sugar, They feel that they can do anything they want, just like a normal individual.

Remember, you may not face any issues now, But 10-15 years down the line, you may face complication that will be not only painful but also irreversible.

To give you an idea, high blood sugar develops complications like:

1. Neuropathy: In which your damaged nerves cause excruciating pain throughout the body.
2. Heart Failure
3. Stroke
4. Kidney Failure
5. Amputation of legs
6. Reduced Sexual Power & much more

By now you would have understood that this is something serious!!

Can I test blood sugar at my home?

Sure you can do, but you will have to buy following tools.

1. Glucometer
You can purchase glucometer online without any hassles.

Now there are multiple options available in the online market. Before clicking on BUY button it’s better to do some research and read specifications of different meters available.
Choose the one which is made of high-quality material and has good consumer rating.
you can buy high-quality glucometer from Amazon by clicking this link

2. Glucometer Strips
Be careful to check the price of the strips before purchasing any glucometer.
Strips are something which you have to buy on a consistent basis, so choose the glucometer that uses cheaper strips.

Generally, people don’t tend to do research and buy the ones which require expensive strips. You need to understand that investing in these devices is not a one time cost, so choose the ones which suits your budget accordingly.

One more tip; If you are looking to buy strips don’t buy it from your local retail medical store as its more expensive, I have noticed that online marketplace (especially in India) offers it at a cheaper price.
You can buy glucometer strips from Amazon by clicking this link

3. Alcohol Swab: For cleaning your injected site
you can buy alcohol swab from Amazon by clicking this link 

4. Cotton

5. Lancets: These are the pins needed to prick the finger


Ok, as a diabetic what numbers should I target?
In order to be safe, it’s better to target numbers that are close to normal numbers.
However, this may be difficult for someone who got diagnosed recently as he needs time to understand his body condition.

For the newly diagnosed diabetics, target numbers which are recommended by ADA (American Diabetes Association);
Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS): 80-130 mg/dl
Post-Prandial (PP) (2 hours after meal): below 180 mg/dl

Though above ranges are good for newly diagnosed but keeping these ranges will not save you from diabetes-related complications in the future. The ADA recommendations numbers are inflated and will not guarantee you complication-free life.

If you want to save yourself from diabetes-related problems, it’s better to work hard and achieve normal blood sugar numbers, that is

Fasting: below 110 mg/dl
Post Paradial: below 130 mg/dl
Read about normal blood sugar that diabetic should target in detail 

You can easily achieve this target by getting disciplined in your food habits. By now you would have understood that any foods which are rich in carbohydrates are bad for diabetics as they raise blood sugar. You can do wonders by removing this high carb food from your diet; whatever you eat, try to find out the carb content in that food from the internet, and if that food has high carb, just avoid it completely.

According to Dr. Richard Bernstein, it’s better for Type 1 diabetic to follow a fixed diet routine for better control of blood sugar. He recommends following carbohydrate intake for a diabetic person:

Morning: 6 Carbs
Lunch: 12 Carbs
Dinner 12 carbs

I must tell you that to achieve this number you need to have high willpower.
If you are living in India, there is a great chance that you have been eating roti (Indian Bread) in each and every meal. But you will be surprised to know that one Roti has as much as 17 Carbs!!!!!!!!
And the diabetics here are eating rotis like anything; No wonder their blood sugar goes haywire each and every day.

I am not telling you to completely follow the regime of Dr. Bernstein, I know that it’s very difficult to achieve that, but what I am asking you to try to limit your carb as much as possible for the benefit of your body.


Now comes the important question; how to do blood sugar test at home?
1. First, collect all the tools that I have mentioned above.

2. Smear the cotton with alcohol and clean the finger in which you want to check your blood sugar. The step is important because your dirty finger may give inaccurate readingAlcohol Swab for sugar testclean your finger with alcohol swab

3. Tear open the strip pouch (remember don’t let strip in open for longer duration as it may give inappropriate reading)Glucometer strip for sugar test
4. Now prick your finger using the lancet device and press the finger to draw out blood
Using Lancet to prick finger
Finger Prick

5. Put test strip in the glucometer and draw blood in the test strip

checking blood sugar

6. Check the reading

How often should I check my blood sugar?
It’s better to check the sugar level as much as possible. However, there are certain times of the day which I think will give you better idea of your sugar control

1. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS): This is usually done in the morning when you had not eaten for 10-12 hours
2. Post-Paradial (PP-2hour): After having meal, make sure to check the sugar level after 2 hours to understand your body responds to the food and the insulin you have taken.
If you get high numbers, understand that you need modifications in your diet and medications
3. Random: This can be done at any point of the day.

While the above tests are something of a routine, you need to check your blood sugar at different times of the day when you come across following condition

a. Performing Intense exercise:

DIabetic got a risk of running low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) while doing any physical activities. Hypos are dangerous and may cost your life if you have not heed any attention to it.

So what to do?
Check your blood sugar before playing any sport. if you feel that your sugar level is not up to the mark and you may run low in between, then have something sweet that may keep your body ready for exercise.

Its always better to keep chocolates or something sugary to eat while performing any intense activity


2. In Depression and Stress
Your mood can influence your blood sugar reading and make your diabetes control go haywire. In the modern life, you undergo plethora of emotions each and every day; the stressful work environment and desire to achieve stars has just made the condition worse.

Always make a point to check your blood sugar when you are not in best of your mood.
Check how your emotions affect your blood sugar for you so that you may get prepared next time for this unexpected blood sugar levels.

Ans the most important thing is to set your priorities right. Choose the work that makes you happy and helps you maintain proper work-life balance.


3. Travelling
Many of the guys love traveling and have a passion to understand different cultures of the world. But the problem for a diabetic is that everytime they venture to unfamiliar places they are also introduced to foreign cuisine.
For diabetic, it’s important to understand how this new dish is impacting their blood sugar. So whenever you eat unknown dishes, make sure to know its carb content and check how it is impacting your blood sugar.


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