Blood Glucose Meter: Guide to buy the best

Do you feel that buying blood glucose meter is a waste of money?
Do you think that checking blood sugar regularly is something unnecessary?

I have across different diabetic who just don’t want to invest their money in blood sugar kit.

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“what’s the point of checking blood sugar regularly,”
“Once a month we visit our doctor and get our sugar checked there”; they say;

This attitude can be dangerous if you are struggling with a chronic condition like diabetes.
It’s been suggested to do sugar test at least 4 times a day, for insulin dependents, these numbers may rise to double.

I remember how my mother was ignorant about her readings;
She never did any test and this behavior ultimately cost her life when in midnight she went to hypoglycemia.

I insist everyone here to buy glucometer ASAP, if you still haven’t purchased it. This habit will help you to manage your illness effectively and save you from complications in future.

finding right blood glucose meter

Now, before buying any glucometer, you should do a lot of research as there are multiple products available, you have to choose the ones that fit your needs.
I am listing different factors which you should consider before coming up with the final product:


There are wide variety of options available in the market.
Some are cheap and some are very expensive, choose the product that fits your pocket.

Here are some tips:

a. Don’t just look at the price of glucometer only
It’s the strip that you have to purchase again and again.
If your pocket is tight, go for the ones which offer cheap strips.

Remember!! Strips are not generic.
You cannot use a strip of one company to another company’s glucometer, it will not work!!

b. If you are living in India, I will suggest you 
buy these tools online.

Because you can find more varieties of the same product and at a cheaper price.

Recently, I purchased my Freestyle Glucometer strips from a local distributor (please mind its a distributor & not retail medical shop).
The cost to buy 100 strip pack was Rs 1350; & the price will only go up if you buy it from the retail medical shop. When I came back home & checked its price online, the same product was available at Rs 1050!!

From that day, I have been purchasing my strips online which are not only cheap but also of good quality.

c. Check Rating

Make sure to check the rating of the product before adding it to your cart.

Some of the inexpensive glucometers may not be that accurate.
Read the buyers comments and see if the product has some quality issue.

While purchasing glucometer, you have to maintain a balance between the price and quality of the product. Look for the product that is of good quality and is not that expensive.

I have been using Abbott Freestyle Optium H glucometer and I am completely satisfied with this diabetic tool.

2. Unit Size

Buy glucometer that is compact and can be easily carried out while traveling.

Bulky glucometer can cause a lot of inconveniences.
They may take too much of packing space and can add up lot of weight in your bag while going outside.
Also, they tend to draw a lot of attention while testing it in public place.

So better go with the one that is light and simple

3. Blood Sample Size

Meters are available which require small blood samples to give you the readings.
Look at the product specification and find out the minimum blood sample required for that particular glucometer.

Usually, a meter that requires less than 1 microliter of blood is a good choice.
Click here to read about blood sugar number that a diabetic should target 

4. Time taken to show result

There are glucose testing tools which can give you the reading in less than 5 seconds while the other may take half minute!!!

Obviously, more advanced the product more price you have to pay.
So, go for the ones which suit your need.

5. Insurance

If you are covered under some insurance, make sure to check to check with the insurance company that if they pay for your medical needs.

Every company has a different policy, they may or may not get you covered for your diabetic supplies.

But if they do, ask the following questions:
a. Name the medical company whose glucometer they cover
b. How many strips they cover per month
c. Do they need doctor’s prescription each time you buy strips

The point is to get in touch with your insurance company and understand its policies. Try to find out their coverage rules and then act accordingly.
This way you can save a lot of money in your diabetes management.
Check how managed is your diabetes through H1B levels

6. Special Features

There are company’s that offer glucometer with exceptional features. Of course, you have to pay a premium for these advanced features but its worth the investment.

You can find meters:
a. that stores your data every day and can extrapolate it to your computer
b. that calculate weekly or monthly average of your sugar numbers
c. come with an inbuilt alarm that reminds you to test
d. Second Chance system that allows people to put more blood in the same strip if needed, to avoid any wastage
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The technology is increasing by leaps and bounds. Every day there has been new improvement in the technology that is making our lives easier and diabetics are no exception to that.
We are so much fortunate to live in this era where diabetes management has got a lot easier.

So go online and search for your favorite glucometer and don’t forget us to know about it in the comment section.

Happy Shopping!!!!!

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