Best New Balance Diabetic Shoes for Men

If you are diabetic, you could understand that how can high blood sugar can impact the body organs. Constant high blood sugar level can impact organs like the eyes, kidney, brain etc and also your feet.

Diabetes has the capability to destroy of feet nerves (also known as neuropathy) which can cause painful burning sensation around your legs, this condition if left uncontrolled can cause amputation.
If you are diabetic, it is very important to take care of your feet as even the slight cut can turn into gangrene and can lead to loss of the foot.

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All root cause of complication is the high blood sugar. It slowly damages your nerves and disturbs the flow of blood in your organs.

The first nerve to get damaged is your feet as it is located farther from your heart. The people with damaged nerves feel the tingling sensation at first which then get transformed into burning pain.
The pain is due to the poor circulation of blood in your feet area.
Then a point comes when you lose the sensation of feet as it will go numb. And at this point, any small scratch has the potential to turn into gangrene.

Just search the story of diabetic amputations in google and you will find innumerable stories. That’s why it is important for diabetics to control their blood sugar and also buy comfortable new balance diabetic shoes rather than fancy ones.

These shoes should be comfortable with enough room for your legs to fit into. Also, you must try to avoid shoes with heels, better to footwear with flat soles.

Also, try to avoid footwears that expose your toes, these shoes may not provide you with adequate safety from the potential injury.

Foot with leather material can also be better avoided as due to there rigidness they do not give enough room for your feet if it has any blisters (or any deformities), that’s why footwear with expandable material is the best choice.

While keeping in mind the structure of the new balance diabetic shoe, one has to also focus on the durability of the material. You don’t want any shoe that breaks down in one or two wear, that will be a complete waste of your investment. Look for a shoe that is strong and durable enough to work for at least 2-3 years.

Keep in mind that the selection of these shoes is a serious matter, choosing the wrong type of footwear can disturb the pressure balance and can lead to poor circulation of blood (thus increasing rate of neuropathy) or even ulcers.

Some of the points one should keep in mind while buying shoes for diabetic persons are:
1. The material should be soft and expandable
2. Cushion sole (like in sport’s shoes) give more comfort than the thin soles
3. The shoe should give enough room to your thumb
4. Foot swells as the day progress, so buy at later part of the day
5. Shoes with laces are more comfortable as the strapped ones may cause irritation

I have shortlisted some of the footwear which the diabetic may find suitable for their feet


1. Dr. Comfort Winner Plus (Extra Depth)
If you are looking for diabetic shoes with good arch support, this one can be a good buy. Available in black and white colors the gel inserts provide comfortable support with equal pressure distribution throughout the feet.

The shoe provides enough front room for extra walking comfort and the laces help to provide enough grips to the diabetic feet. Another important aspect of these diabetic shoes is its light-weightedness, a large big shoe can make you uncomfortable and difficult to walk,  this light-weightedness property makes it an ideal shoe for diabetics.
This diabetic footwear is made up of grain leather which is durable and is able to withstand the roughness of daily athleticism.

The design of the shoe is just like any other sport’s shoe. One just cannot suspect that this is specially made for a diabetic person.
The shoe is comfortable for all the sporting activity. If you like jogging, playing badminton or tennis this shoe can be the good buy. Its comfortable sole, soft cushion and lace support equips it to perform the wear and tear of athleticism.

The best part about the shoe is that it is coming from a brand which specializes in manufacturing shoes for diabetic patients. Hence, one can tick all the checklist while buying from this brand.




2. Dr. Comfort Endurance (Leather and Mesh)
This new balance diabetic shoes also come from the same company but with different styling. While the above shoes were made of full leather, this one consist of leather and mesh.
Like said, you will get all the comfort as the above shoe but with a slightly different design.

This diabetic shoe is available in Black and White color. The black one has grey colored mesh, which gives a great sophisticated look. On the other hand, the white one is single colored and is more basic looking.


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3. Orthofeet Men’s Diabetic Dress ShoeFormal Diabetic Shoe
This shoe is different from the above two.
Most of the diabetic shoes for men are sporty looking and may not go well with the formal suit and trouser. This all leather shoe is more formal in nature and can be the right fit to go with your black trousers.
It is available in two colors, black and brown

Generally, formal shoes have some elevation at the back sole which creates pressure in the ankle, But this shoe had made the exception of keeping the sole completely flat so that comfort can’t be compromised.
Also, the sole is made up of elastic rubber to reduce pressure from your joints and add spring to your walk, this makes it very comfortable to walk up through stairs without hurting your legs.
black diabetic shoe


The tip of this dm shoes are flat and is supported by laces to give your toes enough room for movement. Some people may find its design basic considering exquisite designs available in the marketplace, but keep in mind that this shoe is developed for comfort and balance, hence one can compromise design for better comfort.

All in all, the shoe is lightweight and is one of the best options for a diabetic patient.



4. Orthofeet Hightop Bootsdiabetic footwears
These shoes are manly in design and will demand a presence in front of the audience.
But these type of shoes has different functionality. You may not want to wear these shoes with your trouser as it doesn’t seem to look good with that kind of cloth. These boots are casual in nature and can be better fitted with blue/black jeans.

These type of shoes are not comfortable for sporting activities. It is better for individuals who need to walk a lot for daily work commutation.

The design is plain yet attractive and the Highline with laces gives the shoes a rugged character. Despite the rugged presence, the shoes are very comfortable to wear.brown diabetic boots
The souls are flat and air cushioned for comfortable feet support.
The tip is smooth and flat.
The top of the boot is padded with foam to make your ankle comfortable.

These diabetic boots are good for people who are suffering from diabetes, arthritis,  neuropathy, lower back pain and hips related problems.
It is available in two colors, black and brown. Both colors are looking great, one can choose the color as per their preference.



5. Dr. Comfort Mesh Laceup
That’s a lightweight lace mesh diabetic boots that will go well with any casual dress. I think it is more suitable for household use or when you are running errands. One can also buy it for gymming or when you are planning a vacation trip.
casual shoe for diabetics

Despite its funky look, the shoes are designed to provide comfort for patients suffering from diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis and back issues.
The shoes are designed to give extra depth to your feet so that they get to fit comfortably inside the shoe. The opening of the shoes is larger than other shoes, making it easy to put the shoes on.
The mesh laces, though unconventional, makes it easy to adjust the size of the shoes comfortably, you just need to use the clamp attached to the shoes.
Also, this type of laces reduces the burden of tying laces. There are people who, because of their illness, find it difficult to ties laces, these shoes are perfect for them.




6. Orthofeet’s Men’s Diabetic Sneaker
If you are looking for a sleek, stylish sports shoe, this is the best one you can buy. It is available in two colors, black and white, with a sophisticated design which gives a rich look to your feet.Black diabetic Sports shoe
These shoes are completely made up of leather with a slight touch of fabric design on the side.

The design will go well with the combination of Tshirt and Jeans.
One can wear this shoe with their favorite half short, it will go well with the whole look.

On the comfort front, the shoe is equipped with an orthotic insole which provides good arch support to the diabetic patients. The sole helps to alleviate pain in your heels, foot and also your back and the hip

The sole is designed to provide air-cushioning to your legs so that you can walk long distance without any pain. As a diabetic, if you face difficulty walking up the stairs, these shoes will definitely help you to relive that joint shoes for diabetics with neuropathy

The interior linings are padded with foam so that your feet do not feel any unbalanced pressure. The extra depth design provides enough room for your feet adjustment.
It should be kept in mind that your feet tend to swell at the end of the day, so you need to pick up the right size for the needed adjustment.

So if you are an athletic person or someone who doesn’t like to sit at home, these shoes can be the best fit as per the style and comfort requirement.
This new balance diabetic shoes is also useful for the person suffering from knee pain, foot pain, back pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, corns, and neuropathy.


7. Orthofeet Shreveport Outdoor shoes
This shoe is ideal for the person who loves camping or hiking.
The shoe has the rugged design and its brown color adds to its sporty persona. The shoe can be termed as stylish without being too flashy and cheap. It has been made with top-notch material with great design and craftsmanship.diabetic work boots
The shoe used velcro tabs on each side to tie the laces, this design is different from the other conventional shoes, which adds to the aesthetic value of the product.
These shoes also come with the option of spacer inserts, which help you customize your feet adjustment inside the shoe.

Keep in mind that this is not the shoe which you want to wear for regular running, for that you need to buy the diabetic sports shoe, this is more for camping and hiking purposes.

The shoe is available at 130$ price. So may find it costly, but you need to understand that these are not regular shoes. They are designed for the comfort of diabetic or arthritic patients, so the material/expertise used in the manufacturing of this item is different from the regular shoe.
These shoes have reduced the foot pain of lots of patients, that’s why these footwears are recommended by doctors. So keeping these qualities in mind, the cost of these diabetic shoes is justified.



8. Othofeet’s Diabetic Sneakers
If you like running or playing an outdoor sport like tennis or badminton, these pairs can be the best option.
Also, if you have a job which requires you to be on your feet all day, these pairs can hold your feet comfortably.
Diabetic work boots
With regard to its design, the shoe is somewhat colorful and Shiny. It has some shiny plastic wrapping in the front and rear section which some may or may not like. If you like colorful and shiny thing, this shoe can be a good fit, otherwise, it is better to choose simply designed products which have been mentioned above.

Apart from their sharp look, they are lightweight and comfortable. The soles are soft, well cushioned and equally distribute the pressure throughout the feet.

One of the important aspects of these shoes is its front toe design. The company has designed it to give extra space to your toes and make your feet as comfortable as shoes for diabetics with neuropathy
For added comfort, the company has provided straps (along with laces) in front and the back section, so that the shoe can get you the fit of your choice.

The shoes are ideal for persons living with diabetic neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, hip or back pain. Some of the people have found to get relief from the painful pains because of using these shoes.

The shoe is available in different width sizes, so before ordering make sure you are selecting the best size for your feet. Wearing ill-fitted shoes can create problems like pain due to unbalanced pressure points, sores, and blisters. In case, if you ordered the wrong ones, the e-commerce companies are now providing facilities for easy replacement, so no need to worry about that.



9. Orthofeet Black-Brown Shoe
Another good formal new balance diabetic shoes which will go well with your office trousersbrown diabetic shoe.
This is not a typical formal shoe, it has been designed with dual colors i.e. black and brown, with intermittent white stitches all around the boot.
Its all leather design gives the shoes its bright and classy look. The design is so sophisticated that nobody will suspect that you have some kind of feet problem.

These shoes are kept lightweight so that you won’t feel dragging something. But keep in mind that these shoes for neuropathy are not for athletic running, these are just formal wear for your daily work.

The shoes have been supported by laces with two inserts so that you can easily customize the size of shoes as per your feet. The soles of the shoes are provided with air cushioning to reduce your knee stress and equally distributes pressure throughout your feet so that you won’t feel any pain while standing for a long duration.
The shoes are good for patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis, corns, Plantar Fasciitis, hammertoes or simple foot pain.
There is only one color available in the online store but is available in all sizes, so be careful with the size selection, you want to choose the shoe which can give you enough room for the toe movement.


10. Orthofeet Hook and Loop Shoe
Another great design for diabetic patients.Hoop and Loop Diabetic Shoe
The shoe is available in two colors, black and milky white. It is made up of 100% leather with attached comfortable synthetic sole. The shoe features with hook and loop straps which helps hold your feet inside and also adds to the aesthetic value of the design.
This hook and loop design are ideal for patients who are looking for walking shoes which are easy to put on and take off. The leather is perforated for breathability from upper and sideways which adds to the feet’s comfort.

Please keep in mind that these shoes may not be a good fit for athletic running. Do not buy these shoes if you are looking for sporting purposes, however, it can be used for simple walking.Best Diabetic White Shoe
The sole is provided with the Orthofeet’s trademark orthotic insole which provides a great cushion for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

One also need to understand that these type of shoes are comparatively larger and wider than the normal shoes, this is because of providing extra comfort to the patients suffering from a health problem.
Sometimes people don’t like this type of extra space, for them, it is better to buy shoes from other company like Adidas or Skechers, but if you are buying these special new balance diabetic shoes, expect some wideness in the front area.



11. Dr Comfort’s Strap Shoe
Another diabetic leather shoe with twin strap is ideal for person living with diabetic foot problems. Its a great looking shoe, available in twin color of black and white. Personally i feel, blacbest diabetic shoesk is more god looking as it has dual tone in it and has more premium leather feel.

One of the most important character of any good diabetic shoe is its light-weight. A diabetic will look for a shoe which has wide base fitting and is not that heavy, and this shoe has all those characteristics.
The hook and loop closure also gave the ability to fit the shoe in short period of time and give enough padding to the upper part of your ankle.
The shoe is designed to have double depth, which means you have more room for your toes to get comfortably fit into. Diabetics are prone to swelling in the feet, which diabetic shoes for menmake it impossible to use regular shoes for their daily work. The extra depth is one of the most important think to look while buying any diabetic shoe and this shoes fits the bill perfectly.

Please keep in mind that diabetic shoes size are quite different from regular shoes. Due to the extra depth and padding their are chances that your regular size may to fit appropriately.
However, this may not be any issue as you can easily replace it with your online vendor like amazon.



12. Dr Comfort’s one strap Shoe
This is more like a formal shoe which would be appreciated by person who are more into classic design. The simple formal design with a single strap highlighted by cream color gave it more like a office-shoe type design.
The shoe is comfortable for diabetic as they are featured with enough cushioning  with gel pods in the forefront and the heels. The strap provides self adjusting closure as per your feet demand and the extra depth of the shoe makes your feet as comfortable as possible.
The shoe is all leather with a rubber sole and is only available in black color.diabetic men shoe
Apart from diabetes, these shoes are also for other conditions like corns, Arthritis, hammertoes, neuropathy etc.

One important aspect for diabetic shoes is that it should not have high heels. If you are diabetic, make sure you avoid shoes with heels as it create pressure in your soles. This shoe is perfect in this regard as they are not only light weight but also has flat soles.

Personally these shoes are for office goers, i don’t this i will go out with this shoe for a walk or something, I think it will give you great look with your formal wear



13. Diabetic Slipper for Men
One of the main USP of this slipper is its design which is comfortable and its availability in different colors. These slippers are fully strap based, hence very comfortable to put on and off. Diabetics are prone to foot swelling, hence with this strap based footwear, it gets very easy to customize the shoe as per your foot size.

All the material is of top notch quality with inside foam to provide high level of comfort to the diabetic, also soles are made up of gripping rubber which is skid proof and can easily be used in different surfaces without any worry.

The footwear is lightweight with flat surface, which do not form any forced pressure on your ankle.
At-last, if you are looking for comfortable shoe with unique design and color offering , this product can be of good value for you.
Click this link to buy



14. Adjustable strap diabetic slipper for women
Available in three colors, blue, black and pink, this diabetic slipper is specifically for women.
The adjustable strap gives your more choices to properly fit as per your comfort. The inner of the shoe is well padded to provide you added comfort which is necessary for person suffering from diabetes.

They are good looking, warm with flat hard soles which makes this diabetic slipper suitable for both inside and outside use. This diabetic slipper is ideal for person who is confined in wheel chair as the slipper is very easy to put on and very soft cushioned wear on a daily basis.

If you are looking for slippers to keep your feet warn, this diabetic slipper can be a good fit for you. The material and inner lining provide added comfort and warmth for elderly.diabetes shoe swollen feet

I will not call this diabetic shoe a fashionable product, But it provides lot of value to the elderly and the people who are suffering from some kind of foot disorders.

However, there is some negative reports about the product, please ensure to check the product before using it on a daily basis:
a. the soles get fall apart easily
When you buy the product, make sure to check the quality of sole. If you find any defect, get it changed immediately.

b. The sole is somewhat slippery in the wet floor
Make sure you walk carefully on wet floors.

c. This diabetic slipper is not for heavy use.
The shoe can fall apart if you use it for jogging or exercise

Click this link to buy



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