The best medical alert system for those with diabetes

Diabetes is a complicated problem, the ever changing blood sugar demands continuous tracking of the sugar levels. Patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes understand how important it is to keep the blood sugar in normal range, while high blood sugar damage the body organs and create complications, the low blood sugar can drive you towards diabetic coma.

We are fortunate that we are living in such technologically advanced era which made diabetes management easier. We are now equipped with advanced tools which have made easy to prepare for any kind of medical emergencies.

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In this article, we will try to look at best medical alert system available today and understand how its functionality is helpful for diabetic patients.
All the tools mentioned below are build keeping in mind of the requirements of a diabetic patient and are equipped with features to handle emergency like condition.

Medical Alert Device for Diabetes

1. Medical Guardian Alert Systems 

1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year, from all different cultures and ethnicities. Medical Guardian is a popular choice because it supports more than 200 languages, which means that nobody needs to worry that they’ll struggle to ask for help.

These alert system are basically devices that send contact signals to the family member and the nearest medical team during the medical emergency.

Imagine you are staying alone and suddenly face hypoglycemic episode during night. People with diabetes are well aware how dangerous this episode can be, in-fact, even a slight delay in the medical response can drive you into diabetic coma.
In these emergency conditions, the alert systems will help you send emergency signals to the alert team and get required medical intervention.

These systems are both home and travel based, which means that it can be carried outdoors. You can easily wear the device as it is lightweight and waterproof.

Some medical alert systems are designed for those that have fallen or are in an emergency situation, but with Medical Guardian it’s possible to connect even if you’re not in immediate trouble. If you notice your blood sugar getting too high or too low, you can take precautionary measures before things become more severe


2. Mobile Help
This system basically help you to speak with your service provider through latest gadgets. In the case of any emergency you can directly develop a two way communication with the service provider and get immediate assistance.

With Mobile Help,  you will be equipped with Samsung Smart Watch, pendants and wrist bands, a home based unit and a mobile base unit for effective communication.
You will be equipped with latest technologies like GPS tracker, blood pressure monitors and medical reminders for effective medical services.


3. Bay Alarm Medical
It is one of the most popular system in US today.
The system convenient features and affordability makes it one the best choice in the medical alert system market.

Along with the emergency alert feature, the system can also be used for “geo-fencing” purpose which is typically suitable for person suffering from memory loss or Alzheimer.
With its GPS packed features, the system will automatically giver alert if patient goes beyond specific location alerting the family members to take immediate steps.

With dementia on rise, this product is very useful for the patient’s family members. There are multiple cases in US where people suffering from dementia stranded away from their home. Installing this device will give a peace of mind that your loved family member is safe within the locality.


4. Protect America (with life safety)
It is another great tool for diabetic patients.
What makes this alert system unique is that it is packed with advanced sensors which automatically detects any emergency disaster and send the emergency signal to the support team.

The system is in the form of pendant which is light weight and water resistant. It has one red panic button attached which just need a push to send signal to the control panel (kept at home) which gets transferred to the emergency monitoring team.

People suffering from diabetes need this kind of alert system as they are prone to dizziness and fainting during hypoglycemic episodes. Imagine you are on a walk and you suddenly face hypoglycemic episode in the middle of the road, in this critical condition, medical alert system can help you save your life.


Why are medical alert systems so important for those with diabetes?

  1. If you’re diabetic, you’ll know that blood sugar levels can quickly get out of control. If you’re at home alone, it’s important to have confidence that you’ve got someone looking out for you.
  2. If you’re out in public, those around you may not recognize the signs. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include shakiness, nervousness and confusion, slurred speech and drowsiness, which may not be immediately associated with diabetes.
  3. With a medical alert system, you can go about your daily activities with complete peace of mind. If your blood sugar levels start to drop or rise, you can initiate a conversation with a call center whilst you get things under control. If your situation starts to go downhill, you can use the system to initiate an emergency callout without relying on anyone else.
  4. Whether you’re at home, at the mall, at work or out hiking in the mountains, a medical alert system will call for help in times when you’re not able to


I hope you understand how technology can help improve the quality of life among diabetic patients. I think one need to adapt with the technology and embrace its usefulness for our own good.
These medical devices are very helpful in saving lives and they are proving their worth day by day.


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