Best Glucometer you can find in Amazon

Have you ever got confused about choosing a right glucometer?
The market is filled up with glucometers of different companies, which makes us difficult to select the glucometer which will suit our requirement and budget.

In this article, I will try to analyze best glucometers available in the world’s largest store “Amazon” so that it gets easier for you to make purchasing decision as per your requirements.
1. Dr Morepen Glucometer (Price-> rs 610) (weight 227 gm)
(Only in India)

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PositivesBest Glucometer available on Amazon
a. Tiny amount of blood sample is required.
b. Good design/easy to handle
c. Value for money: Great product with reasonable cost
d. Have beeper alert

a. Containers could have been better
b. Usually, the results shown are little lower than another glucometer.
c. Warranty replacement center is located only in Delhi (India)
d. Plastic quality is not that great but i think it can be ignored if we look at its low price

You can buy this Glucometer from Amazon by clicking here


2. One Touch Select Simple Glucometer (price-> rs.700/ $19) (Weight 268 gms)

a. Comes with high low indicator and beeper sound
b. Comes with lifetime replacement warrantyGood quality glucometer
c. Simple to use
d. Good packaging and instructions are easy to follow

a. Strips cost are high
b. Around 10% reading error as compared to the lab result
c. Not sufficient battery backup
d. Number of strips given with the product is only 10

You can buy this Glucometer by clicking this link


3. Accucheck Glucometer (Price:1375) (weight 259gms)

a. Easy Handling
b. Contains memory chip that will share your average blood sugar from the p

Accu-check Glucometer for sugar control

ast 7 days
c. Can transfer all your result to computer for analysis


a. Only 7 months warranty while other brands are offering it for a lifetime
b. Only 10 strips with the package
c. Priced higher than other brands
You can buy this Glucometer by clicking here




4. Easy Touch Glucometer Kit (Price 39.99$) (Weight 12 Ounce)
(Only available in US)

Positives:Best Glucometer
a. Equipped with an alarm system that reminds you to test the blood sugar
b. Works with a low amount of blood
c. Easy and convenient
d. The glucometer comes with 100 strips by default
e. Strips cost are less as compared to Accucheck

a. The meter may show higher numbers as compared to actual lab result
b. Batteries get drained out fast
c. Meter is somewhat large and you may face difficulty to take it outside
Buy this glucometer by clicking this link


5. Bayer Contour NEXT (Price: 69.99$) (Weight: 9.6 Ounce)
(Only available in US)

a. Light weight
b. The package comes with 100 strips

Bayer Glucometer

c. Takes only 5 seconds to give the result, which is quite fast


a. Strips are expensive
b. The accuracy of +/-30 which is not that great
c. The meter does not have digital chip to record the reading for future analysis (keeping in mind the high price of the meter)
You can buy this glucometer by clicking this link


6. Freestyle Freedom Lite (Price:25$) (Weight 8.8 Ounce)

a. Light weight

Best Glucometer
b. Small Size: hence it is easier for diabetic to take the kit outside
c. Takes 5 seconds for the reading
d. Cheap and provides consistent readings
e. Screen is big and easy to read

a. The brand’s strips are difficult to find
b. Though the meter is cheap but the strips are expensive
c. Lancet device is not upto the mark

You can buy this Glucometer by clicking this Link

7. One Touch UltraMini (Price: 35$) (Weight 4.8 Ounce)
a. Beautifully designed Products

Compact Glucoemeter

b. Lightest of all the glucometer
c. Easy to use and test
d. Takes 5 second to give reading


a. The meter is not that small to get slipped into your pocket
b. Comes with only 10 strips
c. sometimes shows error message which is difficult to comprehend and also waste your strips


There are variety of glucometers available in the market, some are cheap while other are expensive; some come with storing memory while others not.; It’s all upto you to select the right glucometer that suits your requirements and budget.
While purchasing strips in India, i have realized that the strips are available at low cost of purchased online, so try to buy the meter whose strips can easily be found in online marketplace.

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