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There are various path to keep your blood sugar in control and eating low carb food is the best of them.Apart from your regular diet, there are some ayurvedic medicine for diabetes which helps your body to increase insulin sensitivity and helps to keep your blood sugar in control.

In India, these herbs are quite common and in fact regularly used by diabetic patients.
In this article, I have listed some of the herbs that are easily and cheaply available in India.
Keep in mind that these herbs are not the cure of diabetes, you will need your medicine/insulin to maintain your blood sugar.
These ayurvedic medicine for diabetes can only help you to improve your body conditioning and improve the insulin sensitivity of the body. In the medical world, you will come across many salespeople who claim to cure these problems without any scientific proof and people in hope for a better future give them all their money

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Here is one video of a fake salesman who claims to cure diabetes.
The video was shared by one of my relative in Facebook and I was shocked to hear the above-mentioned claims. And not only that, the video has got thousands of views with people praising the above approach.

Please, do not fall prey to these fake personalities.
They have no medical evidence, they are just good trickster who have learned how to play with the mind of the people.

Remember, there is no cure for diabetes yet.
So do not lose your hard earned money to these kinds of fake persons, who are just playing with the emotions of the public.
Just eat less carb and take your medication properly; by doing just that you will be able to control your blood sugar.

Now talking about the ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, below is the list of some of the herbs which can help you to control your blood sugar i have made the lost of herbs keeping in mind that they are easily and cheaply available in India, so here it goes;

1. Neem
The medicinal properties of neem plant are widely known among the people in India. The tree can be easily found in India, in fact, the tree is so common that people plant in their garden to get benefit from its benefits.
I remember one incident myself when i got infected with chicken pox. I was very young then, maybe 10-11 years of age and i still remember my mother used to bathe me with neem water during my illness. The neem treatment is even recommended by my doctor who told me that the plant has an anti-bacterial property and is helpful for my skin.

The medicinal property of this ayurvedic medicine for diabetes has been recognized since ages, in fact, it has been mentioned in the ancient Hindu text that the plant has been used by the ancient health practitioners for skin disorder treatments. I have listed some of the benefits of the plant and how a diabetic can derive some benefit from it.

1. Reduce Insulin Requirements
Diabetes is a disease known to affect millions of people around the world. The problem with the diabetic patient is that it does not differentiate between rich/poor, young/aged or men/women.

The situation becomes grim for individuals who are living in developing countries with poor access to health care information. They are not suitably guided by the doctors about the disease and have no idea about managing this problem.

This cause complication in the diabetic body which makes life hell for the concerned individual. Recently i came to know about an individual whose mother (aged around 70) was suffering from diabetes and no matter what she tries, her blood sugar is above 400 mg/dl. This prolonged high blood sugar leads to kidney failure and eventually, she died.

Though I am educating you about the different ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in this article, but the most important aspect of managing your diabetes is diet control.
I cannot stress enough on the fact that diabetics have to control their carbohydrate intact. If you fail to control your diet, no ayurvedic extract can help you, remember, diet is the key.

Anyway, coming to the neem benefits, it has been officially found in the research that taking neem extract can reduce your insulin requirement. In fact, the Indian government has approved the sale of neem leaves tablets in all the medical pharmacies.
You can read the full research by clicking this link

If a tablet is not available in your locality, you can also take one tablespoon of neem leave powder daily for effective blood sugar management. The Extract can be found in supermarkets or online stores.
Keep in mind that the extracts are bitter and you may find difficult to take in but persistence is the key and with time you will get used to it.

If you are planning to start taking the neem extract, I would advise you to monitor your blood sugar on a daily basis and reduce your insulin dosage as there is a risk of getting into Hypoglycemia.

Below, I have listed some other benefits which i think can be helpful for you as an individual.

2. Helps with Heart Problems
Another major complication of diabetes is heart problems. High blood sugar slowly jams the flow of blood and leads to heart problems.
One of my uncle who is an orthopedic doctor was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 36. He is 65 now and had to undergo heart surgery recently.
He was taking his insulin properly but the frequent blood sugar spike throughout the years slowly damaged his circulatory system and now he is taking dozen of capsules for managing his heart problems.

Apart from managing your insulin requirements, this ayurvedic plant for diabetes is also helpful for your heart health. This plant is also known to reduce clotting and lowering blood pressure.
The ayurvedic plant is also known to have a sedative effect which is helpful for managing anxiety disorders.

3. Stomach Problems
Neem extract has been found to give relief to gastric ulcers. The extract of neem is helpful for heartburn and stomach related issues.
In fact, it is very common in India to take the extract for diarrhea, acidity and constipation.

4. Dental Care
Neem has anti-bacterial property and its bark is widely used for teeth health.
In fact, before the introduction of commercial toothpaste, people in India used to brush their teeth with the neem bark. You can still find these people who still use neem’s bark for brushing and are living a healthy life.
In India, people have grown their own neem tree to derive its benefits but if you are looking to try the sticks you can easily find it on Amazon, just search “neem chew sticks”
The sticks can be used to treat dental infections, bleeding, and sore gums. Using neem leaves on a daily basis can help to prevent these tooth disorders.

I have mentioned the research paper for readers who want to learn more about the oral health benefits of neem. Click the link to read the scientific research.
5. Arthritis (Bone Related Disorder)
Neem is known to reduce inflammation of joints which is a common problem among elderly adults. Most of the affected people take over the counter drugs like ibuprofen, which if taken on a daily basis cause stomach inflammation and ulcers.
There are various studies which prove that taking neem on daily basis helps in relieving the joints pain and is also free from any side effects.

6. Other important benefits
a. Skin Care: if you are suffering from skin acne, the antibacterial property of neem can definitely help. Apart from taking the powder mixture, you can also apply the neem leave paste into the affected area.

b. Minor cuts or sprain are treated by the neem lotion

c.Hair Health
If you are suffering from dandruff, you should purchase shampoo with neem extract. Neem helps in the removal of dandruff.
Apart from shampoo, there are various neem extract hair oil available in the market which can also be used as an alternative.

2. Bitter Gourd (Karela)
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes can be easily found at all localities throughout India. Even most of the Indian households are already making this vegetable.
The only problem with this vegetable that it is bitter in taste so many people don’t like eating it. But if you are diabetic, make sure you eat this vegetable as much as possible for the following reason:
a. It helps to improve the function of Beta cells of Pancreas
b. It is almost carb free, so you can eat this vegetable without worrying about the blood sugar spike

Other Benefits of Bitter Gourd

a. Strengthen Immune System
Strong Immune system is necessary for the prevention of various disease. People with weak immune cells are likely to get infected every time there body is attacked by foreign harmful elements.
For diabetic patients, the presence of strong immune cells gets even more significant as more they get ill, the more haywire their blood sugar gets.
If you are diabetic, you would have noticed how it gets difficult to control your blood sugar no matter how hard you try giving the medications/insulin dosages.

b. Improves Digestive Health
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes helps in reducing stomach related disorders. It helps in the production of saliva and digestive acids which help to metabolize the food with ease.

c. Improves Fat metabolism
Bitter Melon helps in improving fat metabolism and prevent the deposition of Visceral fat around your abdomen. Obesity is one of the main cause of rising heart and diabetes condition, so taking this fruit will definitely help in maintaining a good body.

d. Skin Related Disorders
Due to its antibacterial/fungal properties, bitter gourd can be useful for treating disorders like itching, boils, ringworms, etc. Consuming a small drink of bitter gourd juice can also help you look younger.

e. Maintains Healthy Liver

f. Good Source of Essential Vitamins
Great Source of Vitamin A, C, and K
a. Pregnant Women or Lactating Mothers should not consume bitter gourd as it is believed to cause menstrual bleeding or miscarriages if consumed in excess.

b. if you have lost some blood due to some accident or blood donation, do not consume bitter gourd. The fruit changes the dynamics of blood sugar in your body and if you are already short of the blood, complications can arise.


3.Jamun (Indian Blackberry or black plum)
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is mostly found in the summer season and has a great taste. It can help the diabetics in the following ways:
a. It stimulates the insulin secretion
b. Reduce the risk of kidney dysfunction among diabetics
c. Its seed extract increases the healing process in diabetic patients

Other Noticeable Benefits
Apart from he above mentioned benefits of this aurvedic medicine, jamun has other important properties which is beneficial for any other individual.

a.Low-Calorie Food
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is low in calorie, which means you can eat this fruit without worrying about weight problems. In fact, if you are obese you can take this fruit to get satiated.
One of the causes of Type 2 diabetes is obesity. If you are obese, try to eat foods which are low in calories and this fruit is one of them.

b.Increases Haemoglobin
Jamun is a great source of Iron mineral which is known to increase hemoglobin in the blood. Increased hemoglobin content ensures a good supply of oxygenated blood throughout the body which keeps our body cells healthy.
The increased supply of oxygenated blood also helpsto keep our skin supple and healthy, it helps us to look fresh and healthy. So, this fruit also adds great value to the aesthetic sense to our body

c. Aids Digestion
Jamun also helps to ease digestion and cure ailments like diarrhea, dysentry etc.
It also helps in the production of saliva, which helps in food metabolism.
It is also a great source of Vitamin C, which apart from boosting immunity, also helps in digestion.

d. Heart Health
Jamun is a good source of potassium which plays an important role in heart functioning. Potassium is responsible for the healthy rhythmic beating of the heart and its low level can create serious problems.
Also, certain elements like Triterpenoids prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body.

e. Strengthen Immune System
Jamun is a great source of Vitamin C.
Vitamin C is popularly known to boost the immune system of the body and help our body to fight infection.
This Vitamin is also known to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

One should not drink milk after eating Jamun.
The presence of Vitamin C in Jamun can curdle the milk and upset the stomach. So avoid any citric acid/vitamin c food just after drinking milk



4. Fenugreek Seeds
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is extensively used for the preparation of masala in Indian Dishes.
Apart from adding great flavor to Indian dishes, the seeds are useful among diabetics in following ways
a. It helps reduce insulin resistance among diabetic (particularly good for Type 2 patients)
b. In research, it is found that people using fenugreek seed regularly found to have reduced fasting blood sugar

Some of the other noticeable benefits of this ayurvedic medicine for diabetics are:

a. Stimulates Lactation
Mother’s milk is the best food for the newborn baby, but there are times when the milk is not present in the abundant supply. this condition can result in dependence on other market-based food.
Mothers can avoid this situation by taking some minute amount of fenugreek in their diet. Its been found in a study that fenugreek can increase the lactation supply in mothers and can help the newborn child with proper nutrition.

In one study, 66 mothers were divided into three segments and one of the segments were given fenugreek herbal tea for some days. The study concluded that the segments who were given fenugreek tea were reported increased supply of milk by 2.50 ounces.

This knowledge provides immense benefit to mothers who find difficulty in their lactation.

b. Increases Testosterone
Fenugreek seeds are also useful for men as it helps in increasing their sexual desire (libido).
Keep in mind that fenugreek may not be helpful for persons already suffering from erectile dysfunction, you need to consult your doctor for this issue.
The researchers recruited 60 men all below the age of 55 and with no history of erectile dysfunction. These participants were given 600mg of fenugreek extract daily for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks the participants self evaluated the results and reported an increase in their libido.

c. Increase Athletic performance
As mentioned above, fenugreek extract increase the level of testosterone level in the body which can result in increasing athletic performance and reduce body fat.
I think this study is very important for obese people living with Type 2 diabetes as they can spend more time in the gym and can shed more weight.

d. Heart Problem
It has been found that apart from decreasing blood sugar levels among diabetic patients, fenugreek can also help to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body.
Bad cholesterol is one of the main reason for the cause of heart ailments and taking this extract can help you by some margin.

Keep in mind that the article provides just basic knowledge about different issues. I strongly advise not to self treat yourself and consult your doctor before your every move.

e. Heartburn
In a research, it was found that fenugreek extract can help alleviate the symptoms of heart burn, similar to the antacid tablet we purchase from the local medical store.
In the research, the participants were instructed to take fenugreek supplements twice a day before meals for two weeks. After two weeks, the participants have reported improvements in their heartburn-related issues.

f. Skin and Hair Health
Fenugreek seeds are widely used for skin and hair health.
People prepare the paste of fenugreek seeds and use it in the form of facial mask. It helps to keep the skin healthy, soft and free from acne. Fenugreek has anti-bacterial properties which help to protect skin from bacterial infections.

Fenugreek Seeds are also used for keeping your hair soft and smooth. Very few people know that this seed has the property to delay the onset of grey hair.
The Internet is full of the methods of applying fenugreek seed on face and hair, just search for it and use it for your benefit.

g. Nutritional Content
This ayurvedic medicine for diabetes has a high nutritional value.
About one tablespoon of fenugreek contains 20% of your daily iron requirements and 5% of your daily manganese and magnesium requirements.

Hence adding some amount of fenugreek extract in your daily food can definitely boost your body daily mineral requirement.

a. Chance of Miscarriage
If you are pregnant, don’t go overboard with taking fenugreek extract as it can lead to preterm labor and can also result in miscarriage.

b. Digestive Problems
If you overtake fenugreek, you can face symptoms like indigestion, loose stools or vomiting.

c. Drug interference
Fenugreek can interfere with the working of drugs that you are already taking. Drugs specially used for thinning the blood are easily interacted by the fenugreek extract.
Be careful if you are already using any other medications and consult your doctor before taking any extract.

d. Lowers Blood Sugar
As you have already noted that fenugreek tends to lower blood sugar among diabetic patients, it is important for them to modify their dosage properly.
Taking too much insulin with fenugreek extract can make you hypoglycemic and can cause emergency like situation.

Please note that this ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is extremely common spice in India and is used in every other Indian dishes, so feel free to use in your diet but just don’t go overboard with this spice.


Final Word
I have tried to do extensive research about the topic “Ayurveda for diabetes” and have tried to cover various aspects of it. You can share the article with your diabetic community and help improve their knowledge about managing diabetes using Ayurveda.
Keep in mind that before starting with these ayurvedic therapies, I suggest you consult your doctor first. There are chances that you may be allergic to any of these “best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes“, so it is better to take precaution.

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