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If you are diabetic, there is a good chance that you have heard about Metformin. In fact, most of the people suffering from Type 2 diabetes is taking this metformin tablet to control blood sugar.

But does metformin causes Weight Loss?
What is the average weight loss on Metformin?
Is Metformin 500mg weight loss a real phenomenon?

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We will try to answer the above question in this article, but before going on with this topic, let us understand “What are Metformin tablets?”

What is Metformin?
Metformin is a medication generally prescribed to Type 2 diabetic patients to control their blood sugar. They belong to medication group known as” oral hypoglycemics” which are known to help reduce blood sugar.

How does it work?
The actual functioning of metformin tablets is still not known, but in general, it functions to give the following results:
1. Reduce the amount of blood sugar released by the liver
2. Improves the insulin sensitivity of the body cells. This means that it helps the body cells to utilize the insulin produced by our body and reduce the amount of glucose in our blood.

Keep in mind that metformin tablets are only used for patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The other form of diabetes, known as Type 1, is very different and requires external source of insulin for survival.

Now the question arises whether average weight loss on Metformin is possible.

Metformin Weight Loss
It has been found in various researches that Metformin cause weight loss.
In one study, the tablet was found to caught average weight loss of 5% in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
You can read the full study by clicking this link

In another study, metformin was concluded to cause an average weight loss of 3 Kg in people living with Type 2 diabetes. You can read the study of “average weight loss on metformin” by clicking this link.

Despite the above two studies, one should not view metformin weight loss as an effective quick way to lose weight. The loss of weight takes a lot of time among the patients who are taking it regularly.
Also, there is no consistent way to find out the exact loss of any particular individual, it all depends on their eating habits, their lifestyle and their exercise duration.
Some people may lose much more than other individuals and there will also be cases where there is no weight shedding.

Also note that the metformin 500mg weight loss may be temporary in nature, which means as soon as you stop taking the pills, you will gain your weight back.
So don’t consider metformin as purely weight losing device, it is only helpful as long as you adopt a healthy lifestyle, which means exercising daily and eating healthy foods.

How Metformin cause weight loss?
There are no clear details about the exact working of metformin which helps to lose our weight. But it is known that metformin has a side-effect to cause stomach pain, vomiting, nausea and reduced hunger in diabetic patients.
These stomach disturbances tend to reduce the hunger among the individuals which results in reduced calorie intake and this change in diet cause metformin weight loss among diabetic patients.

Can a non-diabetic patient take metformin tablets?
Yes, Doctor prescribes metformin for other conditions like obesity, PCOS and psychological disorders for their weigh losing property.
Keep in mind that one should never that these medications on their own, On must always consult a doctor for medicine because there are so many nuances behind the working of medicine which a doctor can only understand.
Taking pills by own can result in unsolicited complications, which can seriously impact the quality of life.

Apart from the benefit of Metformin weight loss, this tablet offers other benefits like:
1. Helps in reducing blood sugar
2. Reduce cholesterol levels
3. Reduce inflammation
4. Reduction in Blood sugar

Also, metformin is not a complication free tablet. It tends to cause lots of side effect in the patient’s body. Some of the notable side effects are:
1. Upset Stomach
2. Reduce Vitamin B12 in the body
3. Lactic Acidosis (occurs in a person with Kidney Problem) (very Rare)

If you want to read metformin side effects in detail, click this link.

Final Word
I hope you derived value from the article “average weight loss on metformin” and understand the nuances behind it. Keep in mind that metformin does cause weight gain but the result will only be significant when you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Also, understand that this article is not a replacement of doctor’s consultation. If you are unwell, make sure you visit the consultant and get the prescription.

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