Alpha glucosidase inhibitors -Diabetes Medication

In this article, we will try to understand another set of diabetes medications which has been used throughout the world. The medicine group is named as Alpha glucosidase inhibitors and has been widely used for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

what are Alpha glucosidase inhibitors?
It is a medicine used for controlling blood sugar of Type 2 diabetes.
Keep in mind that these medicines are used to control blood sugar and not to cure your diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with effective diet control and excercise but do not depend of medicine to cure your disease.

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There are two types of medicine in this group which are mainly available in the market
a. Acarbose (Precose)
b. Miglitol (Glyset)

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How does Alpha glucosidase inhibitors function?
The main function of this drug is to reduce the blood sugar spike among the diabetic patients so that the high blood sugar do not damage your body organs.

It does that by reducing the breakdown of starchy food and reducing the absorption of glucose through intestines. In our stomach there is an enzyme named as α-glucosidases which helps in release of glucose from complex carbohydrate. The medicine basically brush all the enzyme from the intestine, thus preventing the blood sugar spike in the body.

It is very important to keep our blood sugar low as constant high blood sugar cause various dangerous complications. It can affect right from your brain functioning to your eyes, legs, kidneys to your sexual body parts.

Doctors usually prescribe this medicine the people who gets recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Initially the prescription is of low dose which increase as per the patients suitability.
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Alpha glucosidase inhibitors are taken before the meal.
Most of the patients take the pill three times a day.

The blog i am writing is only to give you a reference information.
Please do not self prescribe this medicine without the doctor’s help as it can lead to dangerous side-effects.
The internet is full of information but the information related to health should be left for professionals.

diabetic medicines

Side effects of Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
Every medicine has some form of side effects and this medicine is not an exception.
The side effect from Alpha glucosidase inhibitors is non consequential and it mainly affects the first time users. As you get used to the medicines, the side effects will get vanished and then you can take this medication without any worry.

Some of the side effects of Alpha glucosidase inhibitors are:
1. Upset Stomach
2. Diarrhea
3. Stomach Pain
4. Gas
5. Abdominal Bloating and Cramping

You can observe that the complications are mainly related to stomach issues. If you feel that you are feeling this side-effect for prolonged period of time, make sure you consult our doctor with this problem.
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You have to take certain precautions while taking Alpha glucosidase inhibitors.

1. Not for Type 1 diabetic
This medicine is not for patient suffering from Type 1 diabetic.
There is a huge unawareness on the difference between different form of diabetes.
I have seen people suffering from Type 1 diabetes taking different form of medications.
Infact, in rural part of India, naive people fall prey to unscrupulous persons who claim to cure their diabetes.

If you are suffering from Type 1 diabetes, insulin is the only solution for you PERIOD.
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2.  Avoid the medicine if you are suffering from :
a. any form of intestinal disorder
b. Intestine Blockage
c. Intestine Ulcers
d. Person suffering from Renal and Liver problems
Make sure you make your doctor aware of your condition before taking any medicines.

3. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
If you are already running low on your blood sugar,avoid any form of diabetes related medications
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Here is the detailed table of some the medicine used widely around the world for treatment of diabetes. I hope you will derive some value from it.
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors                                               Ref: New York Heart Association

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