5 Reasons you have uncontrolled diabetes

Uncontrolled Diabetes is a silent killer.
On the surface, you may feel alright but you have no idea what havoc it is creating inside your body, damaging nerves and internal organs.
I have come across various diabetics who are indifferent towards their disease. Many diabetic do not take this seriously until some problem arise. I have met some of them and heard following excuses
 uncontrolled diabetes
It’s ok to skip a dose of insulin;
Having a glass of soft drink occasionally will do no harm;
At this stage of life, I cannot modify my diet;
Well, I have been eating this for 10 years now and there is no sign of complications;
You will always hear such terms from diabetics. What they don’t understand that uncontrolled diabetes has its own discreet way of damaging the body.
It may not evident in the present but will surprise you at the later stage of your life.
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Why there are rising cases of diabetic complications?
Why are they unable to tame this uncontrolled diabetes? 
Why there are more people dying than ever due to diabetes?
Well, part of the reason is they are irresponsible towards their condition. They need to take steps, make changes to their lifestyle to manage the disease.
Here are few of the mistakes diabetics do that cause sugar spike in their body
1. Lack of Knowledge: Understanding the disease and the impact it can have on your body is a must. It’s like you are playing a sport without knowing its rules.
 uncontrolled diabetes
Most of the people I met here in India are unaware of their condition.
They don’t know what damage uncontrolled diabetes can do to their body
They have no knowledge about how much high blood sugar is really high to cause nerves damage
No strategy on how to tackle the disease.
Don’t know about the tools available in the market that could help to manage this menace.
It has been wisely said that “The first step towards the solution of the problem is to understand the problem”
Take time to research the problem; there is no dearth of resources available nowadays.
Try to question your doctor about the disease. With diabetes every case is different.

For you may be tablets are sufficient to manage your sugar level but the person sitting next to you may need insulin shots 3 times a day.


 2. Lack of Exercise: People are too lazy to spend some time for their body and exercise. The resolution to wake up early soon get forgotten and the daily alarm is snoozed off for later part of the day.
 uncontrolled diabetes
Exercise plays a crucial role to manage your sugar level and to ward off the complications. Suit the type of exercise which you feel can start comfortably and with time start to push yourself more.
You can pick anything from the lot like:
a. Yoga
b. Weight Exercise
c. Running/Biking
d. Any sport you like
e. Swimming
f. Dancing
g. Taking pet for walk also counts
You will feel the difference just within a week of starting the routine.
But be careful with your blood sugar, you may reach hypo condition which can be fatal. 
So check your blood sugar before and after exercise and carry some sweet item in your pocket for intruding hypos
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3. Improper diet: I have met many diabetics who still believe that they can have anything they want.
Well, you can have anything but be prepared for the blood sugar spike that will be damaging your nerves.
Every time your blood sugar spikes above 140 mg/dl, the sugar level will be damaging your nerves.
You will not face any body issues immediately but in long term, it will haunt you in form of diabetic complications.
uncontrolled diabetes
But what if I take suitable insulin dose after eating my favorite food? Will I still face the issues?
There is always a chance of human error while injecting yourself the insulin; The high and lows will be much difficult to manage.
It would be much better if you adopt low carb diet; as with time you will get used to it and the cravings will be all gone.
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diabetes control
4. Avoiding Yearly Checkup: I know how dreadful it is to go for a medical checkup.
The dreadful smell, in numerous needles, sights of the admitted patients stirs fear inside you.
I have always resisted going for a medical checkup for the same reason. But it all changed after I got diagnosed.
I understood that I have high risk of developing complications;
I understood that if I detect the complication in the early stage it could be easily managed;
I understood that uncontrolled diabetes has its discreet way of functioning and being indifferent towards it will be fatal;
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There was a particular incident after which I got very cautious and after that started reporting any changes felt in my body;
During my job, I felt crawling sensation on my left feet. I felt it for short duration and then it got disappeared automatically
For three days, when the tingling still not gone; I started researching about it and then I came across the term neuropathy
I tried to grasp every resource that came to me and decided to visit my doctor for further consultation
Doctor: Hi Preet, How you are doing now?
Me: Hi sir, I am well. But I need to consult about the condition of my left foot. For past 3 days, i have been feeling tingling sensation frequently across the day
Doctor: Ok, just lie down there let me have a look at your feet
(After doing some physical test)
Doctor: your feet are fine. Let me write you some tablets which you have to take it for a month (Prescribes Alfalipoic acid tablets)
Preet, are you doing your sugar test regularly?
Me: Yes sir, as you have said;
Doctor: ok, what numbers you are getting?
Me: Fasting Sugar: 90-110 mg/dl
PP (2 hours after lunch): 110-125mg/dl
Doctor: Good, you are doing well.
Preet, be careful about your numbers every time;
Uncontrolled diabetes is notorious for causing fatal complications. If you feel something odd visit me straight away
Preet: Ok, thank you sir
It was nice meeting you
The point here is do not try to avoid medical checkup for future. you can save your body from deadly complication if you detect it at the right time
Do not wait for something fatal to happen.
5. Taking too much of stress: Stress increases your blood sugar and makes it difficult to manage your diseaseuncontrolled diabetes
Nowadays people are so much aspirational that they never get satisfied with anything;
You want to buy expensive watch that everyone notice;
You need to buy that new car;
Social status need to be maintained;
And for all of this, you got stuck in a job that gives you money but makes you feel pathetic.
You slog long hours, away from family, to work under horrible boss which frustrates the heck out of you.
But why not, the job is paying me good money and with that, I can buy a new house in popular locality
But aren’t a single house is enough for your family to grow up?
Is it necessary to waste money on expensive jewellery or expensive suites which give you a false sense of happiness?
Isn’t the job causing harm to the most precious thing in the world that is your body?
Well, it’s better to reduce your expenses and live a simple life. Do the job that you love and that gives time for you to spend with your family.
Diabetic need to understand that whatever you eat, what lifestyle you live will directly impact your future.
Once you start thinking about the impending complication, you will fear it and will think twice about every action.

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